National retreat

Unify our brothers from around the nation

The believers are but brothers


Retreats consist of spending time away from one’s normal life so that brothers can experience and share the network, brotherhood, and environment made possible through ALM.

The prophets had always taken time out to reflect on their purpose, their role in their community, and their relationship with their Creator. In the same way, ALM retreats provide an opportunity for members to grow the bonds of brotherhood and learn of the traditions of ALM in an environment that upholds the Muslim values which the fraternity was founded upon.

Brothers learn about themselves, each other, and their role in the fraternity when they travel with one another simply for the sake of brotherhood.

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In The Name of Allah, The All-Merciful, The Ever-Merciful.

Alif, Laam, Meem (31:1) These are verses of the Wise Book, (31:2) As guidance and mercy for the Muhsinīn (31:3)